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With an intimate knowledge of the market, REIFENWELT procures carcasses from across Western Europe. Existing customers and new partners profit from our competence and many years of experience on the market.

Satisfied customers represent the basis of our success. To ensure that every customer is a satisfied customer, we seek to cater to your needs and demands. Best quality at fair prices is a priority at every stage of our operations, starting at the purchasing stage.
With a turnover of 130,000 carcasses per year, we cater to the needs of around 60 re-treading companies in 20 countries.

Not only quality and price, but our excellent location with a direct connection to the A4 motorway ensures complete customer satisfaction. Customers from Eastern Europe can arrive, load up and return home within 24 hours. We can also sort our stock according to customer wishes without the necessity of a sorter visiting us.